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Cloud Resources

What are the resources can your business rely on?


Starting from 1,000 images and 10GB of video storage with our basic plan, the storage can scale-up indefinitely along with your business.

Managed Load-balancing

With the growth of your business, your site is going to need more power behind the scenes. Builderly offers managed load-balancing for faster loading and regional availability.

Regular Backups

Builderly takes care of backing up your information for potential disaster recovery situation.

Built-in Video Player

Builderly is aiming to be the most complete solution for any business case. That's exactly why we implemented video uploads and player, included with your monthly subscription.

Caching and Micro-services

Our enterprise features include advanced load-balancing, caching policies, DDoS protection, and even Micro-services for more optimised infrastructure, cost, and performance.

Full Domain and DNS control

With Builderly you have full control of your DNS records, so you can implement it quickly with your existing software and infrastructure.

Payment Processing

What are the payment processing tools can your business rely on?

Receiving Payments

✅ Receive single card payments

✅ Receive recurring payments for subscriptions

✅ Commission per card transaction - 4.4% - 3.8% + 0.25 EUR

✅ Zapier app, API, and Webhooks for custom automations

✅ Receive recurring payments for subscriptions

✅ Automatic invoicing for recurring payments

✅ Receive recurring payments for subscriptions

✅ Automated regional sales tax

✅ Customer accounts and saved payment methods

Stripe Connect onboarding for marketplace and social media apps

Features and Functionalities

Short descriptions of big features we have built along with different businesses

Online Stores & Marketplaces

Sell anything

Built-in solutions for selling physical & digital products. Set up deliveries, payments, inventories, invoicing, marketing, hosting and much more.


Make the most of Ads

Set your GA4 & Pixel tracking and we'll take care of the rest. We've set up over 19 different e-commerce events to feed your Ad campaigns and give you the best possible ROI.


Booking calendars

Monetise on what you can do well. Create your appointment booking services within minutes. Drive traffic to your beautiful landing page. Receive card payments up-front. Monetise on hotel or rental services.

Make appointments

Receive card payments

Explore designs

Date-range bookings


Programs & Courses.
Reccurring revenue.

Monetise your audience and scale with online programs and courses. Combine with a mobile app and a subscription-based model and enjoy the benefits.

Monetise audiance

Automate services

Reccurring revenue

iOS & Android app


A modern forum

Allow users to post blog articles, and monetise with monthly subscriptions






Mobile App


Push notifications

Send manual and automated push notifications with news, offers, messages, etc. Receive push notifications to keep-up with what your users are doing inside your site and app.

Automated messages

System notifications

Higher engagement

Unmetered usage


More logins from Apps
compared to Web


Higher Engagement from
Push Notifications vs Email


More time spent in
Apps vs Websites



Social Media App

Let users create the content of your app, so you can focus on marketing.

You are in full control of what users can post inside your social media.

Product marketplace

Service booking platform

Blog & Reviews

Monetize on ads & subscriptions

Scroll Stoppers

Allow for all formats of advertisements inside your own social media app.

Budgeting strategies

CPC (Cost-per-click)

Cost-per-click strategies budget the ad as registered by the user after a physical interaction with the post.

CPM (Cost-per-mile)

Cost-per-view strategies budget the ad as registered by the user after:
        1) Viewing for at least 3 seconds in the feed
        2) After appearing in a video with a duration of the sponsored post up to 10 seconds
        3) View of at least 5 seconds in a video with a sponsored post duration of 10 to 30 seconds
        4) View of at least 20 seconds in a video if the sponsored post is longer than 30 seconds

Campaign optimization

Key metrics in posts

    → Impressions: How many users have seen the post

    → Views: How many users viewed the content of the post

    → Time: Total viewing time

    → Content Viewed: Average % of content viewed

    → Interactions: likes, shares, comments, saves

    → Unique users: Followers/Unfollowers, By assumed age ranges, interests, gender

Professional statistics and ad management

    → Action Measurement: How Sponsored Content Performs

    → Event measurement: What users do after accessing your site

    → Users, Sessions, Pages: How users behave on your site

    → Event optimization: Optimize an ad campaign for certain desired actions

    → BPIX from GA4: The "grid" doesn't contain any extraneous pixels in it, but has its own stats script - called BPIX. BPIX can reuse already created settings for your GA4 script with one click, for the most simple integration for advertisers

New possibilities

How can users install your app?

Invite your users to install your App either:

"I used Builderly to create my own fitness app. The platform is very easy to use. The customer support is incredible, probably the best I've had. The app ended up being better than what I expected - Which is awesome. I received hundreds of positive reviews from customers. I would recommend Builderly to anyone who wants to scale their online business."

Georgi Shishkov
Influencer & Owner of FFB brand

Build the next big thing

"Procrastination is the thief of time, collar him."

- Charles Dickens

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