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Builderly for Big Business

International hosting helps optimize performance, expand reach, improve user experience, comply with regulations, and enhance the resilience of websites and apps in a global context.

Grow your business globally
Powered by Google Cloud Platform

Conversion Events

GA4 & Pixel events all set-up. Just add your script.

Scale as you grow

Start now - Scale internationally.

Automatic Setup

Choose how and where you'd like to scale. We will take care of the rest.



Ready-to-go deployments in 7 continents all over the globe



For greater coverage and stability of all websites and apps


Server up-time

Guaranteed 98% server up-time throughout the year


Geo-based routing

Routing users globally to your closes available deployment



Assuring performance of your site and app via high concurency of connections

Start automating in a few clicks with Zapier

The automation possibilities are endless with Builderly & Zapier


Integrate your favorite Email tools, Push Notifications, SMS, Sheets and more


Automate deliveries with popular providers

Events & Meetings

Connect booking with your preferred meeting providers

Existing stores & blogs

Connect your existing online store with and make use of the Native App without having to migrate your existing site

No hidden costs - Lifetime pricing

Free forever

Perfect for freelancers who are just starting out

Pro + App
Per month

For small businesses and content creators who wish to grow

Per month

For growing businesses that need extra speed and stability

Cloud Resources
Storage capacity
Item could be product, service, article, program, page...
50 images (~10 Items)
1,000 images + video (~200 Items)
Unlimited images + video (many items)
Custom + Full dNS Access
SSL - Secure connection
up-to 1 000 users per month
up-to 10 000 users per month
From 20 000 users per month
Receiving Payments
Receive single card payments
Receive Recurring Payments
commission per card transaction
4.4% + 0.25 EUR
4.1 - 3.8% + 0.25 EUR
API and webhook access
Automatic invoicing
Automated regional sales tax
Customer accounts
Customer dashboard, Saved payment methods for future use
Can be used seperately
Server-side rendered Site
Server-side rendering is optimal for SEO
Your Own Progressive Web App
A true App that is able to run on web browsers - highly reccomended
Your Own Native iOS & Android App
App inside App Stores
€60 one-time purchase
€60 one-time purchase
Send unlimited Push Notifications to your App
Rescpectful usage is advised
user profiles
Online Store
Appointment booking services
Perfect for Еvents, Calls, Date-ranges, and more
Blog articles
Social mode
Users can Chat, Comment, and Post items and content inside your App
Provide Online programs & Courses
Create interactive courses and programs
Set-up your own Subscription products, Services and Content
Zapier Integration and Support
On-demand support
Book free 30 minute calls with Our support on-demand
support for integrations
Logo generator

Our Mission

Return on investment, for everyone, everywhere

We started Builderly as business owners and consumers of popular platforms.

About 6 months in, we found out that an online business is just a hard as any endevour.

We were paying more each month than what we were turning over.

That's when we got the idea to bring up a platform, that can do all, for large and small customers, that will generate more revenue than the customer is paying.

We implemented all the solutions that worked for us and for our partners.

That's it. Our mission is clear - help the small grow, and the large to scale up.

Not sure where to begin?

Book an orientation call with our support.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to pay anything for support?

No, you can book as many calls with our support staff, as you need - it's absolutely free.

How can I contact you?

You can send us an email at

You can also book a free call from our website or your admin dashboard.

Can I use this for client work?

Yes, absolutely.

You can even apply for our referral program from your admin dashboard and earn 5% of what your referrals are paying each month.

We even offer licenses for agencies and larger companies. A license consists of an admin dashboard branded with your company. You still get all updates and server infrastructure handled by us, but you receive preferential pricing for every subscription.

Do I need to know how to code?

No, it's 2023, you don't need to be an engineer or designer in order to build a website or a mobile application.

Builderly has a user-friendly graphical interface, that will help you create and manage your site in a matter of minutes. In the Builderly Editor, you can click to add and customize any feature.

Of course, if you do know how to code, you can add advanced functionalities to your site with our editor via custom HTML, CSS, and JS.

Do I get a free domain?

Yes, every site gets a free domain (example: You can of course transfer a domain you own or purchase one from Builderly.

Should I use the editor myself or hire a web developer?

The free Builderly website builder is easy and intuitive to use.

All users get an account manager, who can help you create a more professional design for your site.

If you need a really professional design or you have no idea what to do, you can hire us. We charge per work hour and it usually takes us between 4 and 10 hours to complete a project. We always give you a concrete estimation before we start working, as part of our transparent pricing approach.

Can I automate tasks in Builderly, and does it cost anything?

You can use Zapier automations and API Webhooks for free with Builderly.
However, there are independent costs associated with Zapier, which you should keep in mind.