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Builderly Evaluated at 1.78 Million USD

Our startup Builderly has been evaluated at 1.78 USD only three months after launching.

Builderly (formaly known as MSB) is a platform that allows users to build and manage a functional website and mobile app without any coding skills. It supports all the functionalities required for e-commerce, blogging, scheduling services, and managing an online business.

The Builderly support team presents the users with free online support that can be booked on-demand from the site and admin dashboard.

How did we build the platform?

The platform has been in development for about 2 years. During the development phase, we worked with the Bulgarian leader in orthopedic custom molded insoles, to build a useful requirement backlog, that would satisfy the needs of most businesses.

During the development process, we managed to massively increase the online revenue of the said company.

MaxMedia System Builder officially launched on May 10, 2022. Shortly after the launch, we started the process of Patenting the Builderly User Interface Builder and protecting the system architecture with a Utility Model. As of the 22nd of August, the patent for the UI Builder has cleared the mandatory security checks of the Bulgaria Patent Office and is moving on to issuance.

What is special about the UI Builder? - Simple. It allows the users to build their website and app, directly from their mobile devices and NOT have to additionally set up the responsiveness of the website for desktop and mobile screens.

Come the 31st of August, the platform is evaluated at 1.78 million USD (3.47 million BGN).

How did this evaluation come to be?

In the selection of approaches and evaluation methods, all the requirements of the normative acts in Bulgaria were used, and more specifically:

  • Independent Appraiser Act- 2008
  • Bulgarian Valuation Standards of the "Chamber of Independent Appraisers in Bulgaria" effective from 01.06.2018.

The choice of approach is determined by:

  • the contracting authority and from the purposes of the assessment, subject to the limitations of the assessment;
  • the results of the conducted research and depending on the goals set by the contracting authority.

The expert in the present cases used the evaluation approach depending on the following criteria:

  • the value at which similar objects could be bought;
  • the value at which similar objects could be sold.
  • the economic benefit that the asset can bring;
  • the value at which the patent would be bought on sale at the valuation date

In this evaluation, a Cost Approach” and “Received License (Copyright) Fee Method” or “Royalty Exemption Method” was used.


What's next for the Builderly team?

During the initial development of the platform, we managed to improve the traffic and conversions of some users by more than 2000%.

We will keep expanding our user base by investing in marketing, and we will keep improving our platform and services.

We are now in the process of funding the project in order to market the platform on a massive scale.

Many thanks to everyone who has helped us get started. We promise to deliver astounding results and improve the online businesses of our future clients as well.


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